Mads Kjeldgaard

“Death Told So Clearly to Fuck Off” is a piece of generative computer music for high order ambisonics.

It’s sound material consists of custom software instruments that model the physics of real string instruments - this virtualization of the physical aspects of the instruments makes variable their shape, timbre and size while they are being played.

The piece itself is structured by a “spawning” algorithm that - according to certain principles of probability - creates patterns of microtonal chords and notes that over time weave their trajectories into larger structures.

The piece was composed at Notam’s Studio 3 as well as The Royal Art Academy in Stockholm’s “Lyssningsrom” (formerly Audiorama) and premiered in the ambisonic dome studio at The Art Academy of Copenhagen in 2022.

Spatialization is achieved using the Near-Field Controlled variant of High Order Ambisonics made possible by the Ambisonic Toolkit for SuperCollider.