Most of the software I develop as part of my practice is made available on Github.

Instruments / Systems

  • vortex - A system for turbulent tape music
  • akkorder - This repo contains the code used to generate the pieces for the release “Akkorder” by Mads Kjeldgaard.

Command line tools

  • osccli - OSC Communication on the command line. Written in fast and safe Rust.
  • cookiecutter quark - A cookiecutter template to help you automatically generate a SuperCollider Quark (package)
  • sox-tricks - Command line tools that make batch processing, editing and organization of audio files a fast and painless task.
  • nornsgenerate

SuperCollider packages

  • KloudGen - Multichannel capable cloud synthesis
  • Sleet - A library / factory for SuperCollider sound effects
  • Particular - A SuperCollider package for particle synthesis
  • allbuf - Create all possible buffer player patches as SynthDefs in SuperCollider (all = many)
  • PolyBuf - Load samples to buffers, easily
  • Else - A collection of useful and/or weird pattern classes


Arch Linux packages

I maintain a number of audio related packages for my Linux distribution of choice: Arch Linux. You may find them on the Arch User Repository (AUR):

madskjeldgaard’s aur packages

Other tools

  • rofi jack - Keyboard centric jack audio management using the rofi app launcher
  • ranger-sox - Audio conversion and manipulation plugin for the Ranger File Manager
  • ranger-lame - mp3 conversion plugin for the the Ranger File Manager