Mads Kjeldgaard



Cover image for Sparrows

Sparrows is a framework for creating small sensor devices that send their data over OSC, designed for use in artistic projects.

It consists of simple boxes that contain a wifi based ESP microcontroller, a 3D-printable enclosure and a sensor of sorts.

There is a SuperCollider interface available that automatically keeps track of sparrows in a network and responds to their data: sparrows-sc.

Fredrik Olofsson was a big inspiration in making these devices.


  • Easy WiFI setup via web interface (based on WifiManager)
  • Sends data via OSC
  • Configurable via OSC
  • Buttons for restarting/starting access point
  • 3D-printable enclosures (parametrically made using OpenSCAD)
  • Easily compile firmware for different boards with different sensors using platformio environments
  • Only send data when it changes, to keep network traffic minimal
  • A simple handshake-procedure allows a device to register itself with a target (see SuperCollider-package for inspiration).