Mads Kjeldgaard



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With BirdHouse you can receive OSC messages with a DAW or plugin host and have them converted to MIDI.

The Birdhouse OSC to MIDI plugin is a simple plugin that listens for OSC messages, processes their data and sends outputs it as MIDI to allow using it in a DAW or other plugin host environment. Each instance of Birdhouse is able to process a stream of OSC messages to a MIDI event type, with a visualization of the stream and the ability to mute/unmute the output data.


  • Convert OSC to MIDI inside any DAW or plugin host
  • Realtime-processing of the incoming OSC messages
  • Audio-rate MIDI
  • Scale from any input value range to MIDI ranges automatically
  • Process 8 streams of OSC messages per instance
  • Output common MIDI message types: Note on/off, MIDI CC, Pitch bend (more coming)

Use cases

  • Controlling your DAW using a phone or tablet
  • Sending OSC from an Arduino, ESP or Raspberry Pi Pico to a DAW to trigger notes or control parameter changes in plugins
  • Using OSC to control a DAW using computer music software like SuperCollider, Max/MSP or PureData