Mads Kjeldgaard


Cover image for Birdhouse

Birdhouse (2024)

An open source VST/CLAP plugin that bridges OSC to MIDI in an easy and effecient manner.
Cover image for Sustain2MIDI

Sustain2MIDI (2024)

Convert a sustain pedal to a usb midi controller.
Cover image for Torso Electronics S-4

Torso Electronics S-4 (2024)

A futuristic, sculpting hardware sampler.
Cover image for Sparrows

Sparrows (2023)

Low cost DIY sensor network devices for installations and interactive arts.
Cover image for Storks

Storks (2022)

A 14 bit MIDI and OSC hardware controller prototype.
Cover image for Teensy Head Tracker

Teensy Head Tracker (2021)

DIY 3D audio head tracker for interactive ambisonics/spatial audio using headphones