Mads Kjeldgaard (b. 1988 Horsens, Denmark) is a writer and electro acoustic composer concerned with algorithmic music, musique concrète, field recording and minimalism.

He is enrolled in the Electronic Composition programme at the Danish Institute of Electronic Music (DIEM) at the Royal Academy of Music.

Selected publications

Minimalismens glemte homo-guerilla

An essay on Julius Eastman.

Else Marie Pade - Samlede tekster

A book of collected writings by the Danish electro acoustic pioneer Else Marie Pade (Edited by: Mads Kjeldgaard & Simon Christensen)

Båndsløjfernes atonale utopi

: A Danish introduction to the origins of Musique Concrète.

Rejse til hadets ende

Longread on french writer Louis-Ferdinand Célines transformation to antisemitic poet (in Danish)

Og i natten de skjulte fugle

An essay about Luc Ferrari



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SpectralTricks – A package that adds spectral effects to the Tidal Cycles live coding language / environment.

SuperCollider.snippets – A collection of snippets to make Supercollider development in Vim super fast and easy.